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Our Story

Ancient History

2010 - 2014

In the infancy of sites like Vimeo, AirTV found places it could share it's films with the world, publishing hundreds of workshop videos and short films. 

Early Modern Period

2020 - 2022

The Age of COVID begins The AirTV website was born! 


2002 - 2010


AirTV was founded in 2002, as an evolution from the existing Stirling University Videoworks society. Videoworks was aimed primarily at giving students filming equipment and a chance to build their film-making skills. AirTV expanded upon this, to provide a broadcast medium for students to showcase their video work to the Stirling audience.

Much of the content filmed here has been lost to time, but we are forever grateful for the foundations those eager filmmakers laid.

Post Classical History

2014 - 2019

The Dawn of the AirTV Youtube channel gave the society the biggest reach it ever has had.