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Our Story

Ancient History

2010 - 2014

In the infancy of sites like Vimeo, AirTV found places it could share it's films with the world, publishing hundreds of workshop videos and short films.  This era has become known for its innovation and wide success, lets just say they picked up an award or two on their way!.

Early Modern Period

2020 - 2022

The Age of COVID sees the birth of the AirTV website and the rise of several prominent figures who, despite the difficulties of lockdown, would go on to shape the future of the society. Presidents Josh Simpson and Iain Bayfield led AirTV through and out of the dark age of COVID and into a bright future. Without their determination to keep it going we may not have been here today!


2003 - 2010


AirTV was founded in 2003, as an evolution from the existing Stirling University Videoworks society. Built from the ground up by dedicated and innovative filmmakers who overcame all the odds, we owe this lot a great deal. Although unfortunately a lot of this era has been lost to time, but we will always be grateful to those eager filmmakers for building the foundations of the society we know and love.


Post Classical History

2014 - 2019

The Dawn of the AirTV Youtube channel gave the society the biggest reach it has ever had. Prominent filmmakers like Danny Flynn, Andrew Pope and Crea Barton as well as countless others shaped the society into what we know it today, building the foundations for the ATVAS, Bleed Green, Stirfry and the general atmosphere of the society we know and love.

AirTV has been active since 2003 and has a rich history of committed filmmakers and active members. The history page is dedicated to preserving the story of our society as best we can. Click below on the images to read more about each facinating era!

Modern Day

2023 - Onwards

Spearheaded by President Calum Cownie the society would reach heights it had never known. This era saw a record breaking number of videos uploaded as well as several wins and nominations at both the clubs and societies awards and the National Students Television awards!

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