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Ancient History 2010-14

Leaps and Bounds

From 2010 to 2014 the members of AirTV pushed the society into brave new waters. In 2012 we created our Facebook page and in 2014 we joined Youtube. But most importantly this era also saw the arrival of the Media Office which AirTV moved into in January 2014! 

You can't just put stir in front of everything, right?

The society was busier than ever during this period with the creation of Stirshorts, StirSport and StirFry allowing our members to hone in their filmmaking skills. Although not everything had the word stir in front of it, with the new music show, union elections and the annual Oscars also keeping our members busy!

Measuring Success

Awards and accolades might not be the true measure of success but that doesn't mean AirTV didn't enjoy its time in the spotlight. That's right in 2012 we won a NASTA and then in 2014 our Film 'Mark 16' won best film at the 48 Hour film challenge, highs we have been chasing ever since...


Below are some of our videos that best show off the people, productivity and culture of this time period. Enjoy!

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