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Pre Historic 2002-2010


Before AirTV came onto the scene Videoworks operated as Stirling Universities' videography society. This society provided students with equipment to make their films, however what it didn't provide was a platform for student's to share their work or a community for fellow filmmakers to inhabit.

AirTV is...

In 2001 students began planning the creation of AirTV, a filmmaking society that aimed to build upon videoworks by providing students not only with equipment but also a platform and a community. However due to studio copyright laws and an 'ineffectual' committee things would take longer than expected...

Let there be light

However on the 12th of November 2002 AirTV finally went live. Led by their first station manager, Vito Milazzo, the society promised a bright future for members and soon set up script meetings where members could plan their own films.

Just film it

In the years that followed AirTV would produce weekly content like Freshers coverage and our own weekly drama show 'Halls'. During this period we also covered red carpet events where we met celebrities like Jimmy Carr who were delighted to see us!


Below are some of our videos that best show off the people, productivity and culture of this time period. Enjoy!

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