Drama at AirTV

Anything fictional and creative we call Drama. From sci-fi epics, to 'whodunnit' mysteries and all the way to ridiculously farcical comedy, AirTV is a producer of all things the 'student short' can be. With help from fellow members, you too can make your movie.

What's New?

Based on true events, this fictionalised account of the 'Head of Web' election campaign sees underdog Swindells square up against the current Head of Web, Oliver.


For our first Give it a go event of 2022, we tasked our members with making a short film based on a Board Game. In the end the two groups made a short for Buckaroo and Jenga!

ReGIAG 2022

A fun exercise for generating creativity, madlibs were the focus of one of our most recent workshops. Below are the wonderful creations of the members. 


To honour last year's End of Semester Screening, our dedicated committee set out to make a film to show at the start. Join Calum on his quest to make that film!