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Drama at AirTV

Anything fictional and creative we call Drama. From sci-fi epics, to 'whodunnit' mysteries and all the way to ridiculously farcical comedy, AirTV is a producer of all things the 'student short' can be. With help from fellow members, you too can make your movie.

What's New?

A tale as old as time, told once again by visionary director and president of AirTV, Calum Cownie. Ever wonder how the sausage got made if the sausage was a water bottle? The video below answers this question. Check it out!


For our first Give it a go event of 2022, we tasked our members with making a short film based on a Board Game. In the end the two groups made a short for Buckaroo and Jenga!

ReGIAG 2022

Henry graced us with his Magical Music of Mystic Mayhem in our latest workshop, see what the hell that mean below!


AirTV took part in the Glasgow 48 film festival project at the end of last year, check out below what we came up with!

Short Films
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