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Drama at AirTV

Anything fictional and creative we call Drama. From sci-fi epics, to 'whodunnit' mysteries and all the way to ridiculously farcical comedy, AirTV is a producer of all things the 'student short' can be. With help from fellow members, you too can make your movie.

What's New?

AirTV's Anthology of Abominations is a new drama based show for fans of horror. Tune in for shocking tales or contact the McQuaids to join the team and bring your own worst nightmares to life!

A New Drama Show?

Our members put Logan through the ringer in our most recent workshop video, 'Logan's One Bad Day'

Recent Uploads

AirTV sent two teams into this years Glasgow 48 hour film challenge! Check out the Lemony sweet films below!

48 Hours
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