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Website Development for everyone.

The AirTV Website holds a special place in our members hearts. For most of us it is our first exposure to the world of AirTV, with the inviting interface welcoming us onto set, acting as a window into a world of opportunities.  This page is dedicated to the committee members who dedicated their time to this site, who cared for it and nurtured it. Behold the Head of Website Developers.

Illustrated Laptop

"Your Website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting"- Jay Conrad Levinson

The Developers.

web 1.webp
Oliver King

Founder of the Web

web 2.webp
Karoly Smid

The Patrick Troughton of Web


web 3.webp
Henry Swindells

Forever caught in a Web(site)

Nathan McQuaid

Founder of the Head of Web History Page.

A Special Message.

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