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Lights, Camera, Action.

AirTV owns a selection of filmmaking equipment that any paid member can use. If you don't personally own a camera or a microphone, you can borrow one of ours. On this page you can take a look at the sort of equipment we have and you can book it too.

Book Kit/Edit Suite

An important step to take before you can borrow AirTV equipment, right after paying your membership fee, is to fill out a booking application. While the Edit Suite is simple, kit booking has a few more steps.


Fill in the form by providing the information required and your application will be reviewed by a Head of Equipment on the Committee.

In addition to the form, you'll be required to fill out a risk assessment for your shoot. Keep in mind what risks your crew and the kit will come into contact with. 

Once all the relevant paperwork is dealt with, you can pick up your kit and hopefully have a successful shoot, happy filming!


AirTV has long been in favour of the Canon DSLR for student filmmaking because of their beginner-friendly design and their affordability, should you choose to purchase your own. We have 2 Canon EOS 700D DSLRs and a 750D DSLR. In addition we have a selection of compatible lenses, including the 18-55mm, 55-250mm and the 50mm f/1.4.

Brand new to our camera family is the GoPro Hero 7 Black, for effective use for all terrain, outdoor filmmaking, with high quality image stabilisation built in. Accessories include Manfrotto Tripods and a shoulder mount.


While the cameras all have built-in microphones, having a member of your crew dedicated to recording sound make for a more immersive viewing experience. Our sound recorders included the Tascam and the Zoom, both capable of dual channel recording via XLR cables. The range of microphones includes camera-mounted top mics, handheld shotgun mics, lavaliers (clip on) and the omnidirectional 'Blimp'. Accessories include mic stands and boom poles for positioning the mic either under or the frame.


The last broad category for kit is the lights, we can't film without light! We have a few sets of both small to medium sized LED panels, that feature variable strength and warmth. Accessories for lighting include the pop up reflector for bouncing light, as well as stands to allow you to position the panels stably.