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Post Classical 2014-19

Familiar Territory

The period from 2014 to 2019 saw AirTV evolve into what we know it as today. With SUDS collabs, the Lock-In and scene stealers becoming staples of AirTV's calendar, the society started a consistency that we still recognise to this day!

Same Software Different Case

AirTV also started to make some major changes. In 2015 the AirTV Oscars became the ATVAS for fear of being copyrighted by that dastardly academy. They also took location filming to the next level with their anual trips to the highlands!

Not Just Extracurricular

In all 2014-2019 saw AirTV become something more than just a society with members pushing their filmmaking skills to the limits. More ambitious ATVAS, an attempted feature film and the creation of Bleed Green TV kept our members busy all the while remembering to have fun! Featured here is a retrospective video by one of our former Presidents Andrew Pope!


Below is a treasure trove of brilliant videos ranging from the factual to the fantastical, enjoy!

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