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Stirling University Media

2020-2021 posed a challenge for all societies at the University of Stirling. But 2023 has brought the opportunity for a fresh start for all. In a highly beneficial collaboration, AirTV, BRIG Newspaper, Air3 and Stirpod will be working together to promote one another and provide shared activities for their members and other clubs and societies.

Air 3

University of Stirling's Student Radio Station since 1972!


Our friends over at Air 3 were set up in 1972 as Scotland’s first campus-based student radio station. The station was later rebranded as ‘Air3 1350’ and most recently ‘Air3 Radio’ reflecting the change in technology and broadcasting technique.

If it's quality broadcasting you're after look no further than Air 3. 

air3 radio.png

University of Stirling's Student Podcasting Society since 2021!

Our allies in sound at StirPod are a new breed of media society, already forming partnerships with other student societies to help them launch and create amazing podcasts.


If you want to get in on the ground floor of up and coming media ventures, StirPod's the place for you.

Brig News

University of Stirling's Student Newspaper since 1969!

Our pals over at Brig do their best to ensure the University and those in the Students' Union are held to account, share the stories of students and their achievements, and bring informative and entertaining content to avid readers.

If you value journalism with integrity you can do no better than Brig.

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