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What do we do here?

We're AirTV. The Official Filmmaking Society of The University of Stirling.

As a filmmaking society, we produce and put out lots of independent creative short films, sketches and other small things. We also create factual university-based content covering many events that go on around the University of Stirling. We aim to make as much weird and wonderful content as possible, and while our abilities and standards may not be A-Grade, we make up for it with our creativity and our heart. Stick around!

Who are we?

How did AirTV come to be? And which famous alumni have counted themselves as members? Questions answered below!

AirTV: Origins

We're not the only ones at Stirling University cooking up a storm, check out our mates in media below!

Stirling Media

Did you know that the AirTV committee is actually 17 people in a trench coat? How quirky! Check out who they are below!

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