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This years ATVAs (otherwise known as Oscars) took place at an unknown time and place, although it was probably sometime in May at the MacRoberts Art Centre! Check out the trailer and amazing films below!

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The 2009 ATVAs

Drawin' Dead
Dir. Graham Hughes

Winner of this years best screenplay, 'Drawin' Dead' is an ambitious and action packed film that's not afraid to swing big. Filled with intense performances and endless plot twists, this film is definetly a classic of its time!

 Night Shift
Dir. Pastewka & Czusabek

You ever wondered what happens in the Atrium in the dead of night? Well 'Night Shift' has all the answers! Filled with incredible lightsabre action and brilliant camera work, this is a film that showcases the ambition of our members, so no wonder it won 5 ATVAs!

Dir. Mark Delvin 

Delvin's film brought drugs, romance and the tortured artist to this years oscars. Featuring an all star cast as well as trippy editing and grounded cinematography, its a film that left a great impression on us!

Dir. Mcphail & Hagan

McPhail and Hagan's film 'Feral' is an intense and ever so disturbing short that may take a watch or two to ingest, yet its still beautifully shot and very effective. So enjoy ! (or don't?)

Dir. Grant & iseman

Funny and imaginative, 'Cryptozoology' tells the timeless tale of the quest to find the Loch Ness Monster but with an AirTV twist. Enjoy the movie.

About Time
Dir. Bryan McPhail

McPhail's second entry this year is a short yet artistic silent film about crime and paranoia. Featuring some stunning composition its one you should definitely check out!

Dir. Nadin Mai

Deep and insightful. Mai's film asks all the big questions, but do we have the answers? Lets face it, its unlikely. 

Game of Life
Dir. Andrew Jenkin

The second silent film of the year, Jenkin's film is full of creative edits and stylish camera work. You wouldn't wanna miss this one on your life!

Dir. Eilidh Macleod

A tour around Stirling's best forests. Spooky.

Part time God
Dir. Graham Neale

Darkly comedic and unique, 'Part time God' or 'How I learned to stop worrying and get through the day' is a charming film that will be sure to make you laugh, so give it a watch!

 On a Winters Day
Dir. Steven. J. Quinn 

This melancholy film sticks out from the crowd. Carried by a strong script and dramatic performances, Quinn took this years ATVAs in a different direction. 

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