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The 2019 ATVAs

Here you can find the selection of film submissions from 2019's ATVAs, including Best Picture winner, Prefer Not to Say by Maili Fraser.

Prefer Not to Say 
Dir. Maili Fraser

A poignant piece about the difficulties that arise in one discovering who they truly are, Prefer Not to Say follows a new university student trying to fit in and find themselves. Fraser's film went down a storm during the 2019 ATVAs and won the award for Best Picture.


A Quiet Conclusion
Dirs. Jack Buchanan & Paulina Zurawska 

A Post-Apocalyptic Film from Jack Buchanan and Paulina Zurawska, A Quiet Conclusion follows two women resting in an abandoned quarry, as the rest of the world falls apart around them.


Blood on the Glass 
Dir. Kate Stone

In this whodunnit murder mystery from Kate Stone, Detective Parsons is tasked with investigating a death, interrogating witnesses, and uncovering one truth: who killed Arthur?


The Great Emu War 
Dir. Darren Gratton

This Mockumentary follows the survivors of the Great Emu War, Australia, December 1932. Through this piece, Gratton lets those from both sides of the conflict share the horrors they faced out on the battlefield.

emu war poster_edited.jpg

Dir. Reymond Sawyer

Lazarus follows Isaac, a young man looking for an escape from his illogical reality and taking a chance with a group of strangers. Sawyer's short is deep, complex and great for fans of mysteries and thrillers.


Through the Darkness 
Dir. Stanislaw Stawowiak

Stawowiak's short follows a girl who needs to overcome her fear of the dark to see her dream of becoming an actress realised. With stunning visuals that help shape the narrative, Through the Darkness is must see for fans of film.

Through the Darknes poster.png

In Conversation 
Dir. Ronan Simpson 

In Conversation is a highly narrative driven story following a bank robber and the aftermath of a heist gone awry. Simpson's dialogue and direction provide a gripping watch, leaving you wanting more.


Paranormal Duck-tivity 
Dir. Cameron Hutchinson 

A spooky spoof, Hutchinson's short Paranormal Duck-tivity is bound to inspire some laughs through its highly creative re-imagining of the horror classic using rubber ducks as the ominous evil for the main characters.

Poster Paranormal Duck-tivity.png

Beautiful Me 
Dir. Martina Inchingolo

Kate's body changed has through years and her self-consciousness and insecurities grow bigger. Beautiful Me follows her journey of trying to change her body but then coming to accept how she looks.


Fantastic Man 
Dir. Lauren McAngus 

A supervillain finally captures his arch enemy, but the eponymous superhero is not as cooperative as he should be. McAngus' super comedy puts the typical rivalry on its head for a laugh sure to leave you smiling.


Dir. Thomas Armstrong

Sin describes itself as "An examination of the worst parts of humanity", and it truly reflects its image. The shocking and frankly disturbing contents of Armstrong's 'experience' are bound to leave an audience with many questions.

7 sins (6).png

Je m'amuse 
Dir. Brice Ledingham

Je m'amuse is a masterwork of absurdist humour directly from the mind of Ledingham. Bound to make you laugh, and maybe even cry, the several short sequences combine to make something special.

Je M'amuse.png

When the Colour Fades 
Dir. Marie-Paulin Melzig

When the Colour Fades follows a girl exploring the various colours of her grief through taking a 'Happiness' supplement. Melzig's short is a highly reflective and thought-provoking piece and definitely worth a watch.

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