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On May 16th 2015 at the MacRobert's art centre something Earth shattering happened, the AirTV Oscars changed to the AirTV Awards otherwise known as the ATVAs! Check out the trailer and the fine supply of films below

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The 2015 ATVAs

Dir. Adam Sinclair

The world's just not big enough for Wizard's anymore. Chronicling the adventures of Bulgar Shortrobe, Sinclair presents a fun mocumentary that even after a decade still makes us laugh. Wow, isn't that wizard?

No Laughing Matter
Dir. Johnathan Wilson

It's no joke is it? This Detective Noir film is filled with intensity and intrigue. So go on and ponder this flick on a rainy day with some black coffee and delve into your own insanity. 

Three Trailers
Dir. Beth Johnston and Andrew Pope 

Don't have time to watch a full ATVA? Johnston and Pope have you covered with their film 'Three Trailers'. Featuring some unbelievable production value and comedy, you'll wish you could see 'Spook Squad', 'Homicide Housewife' and 'Scotzilla' for real!

Alive Inside
Dir. Sean McLaughlin

McLaughlin explores the ugly side of humanity in this thrilling zombie flick. Featuring some stand out performances and production design, this film is a must watch, although viewer discretion is advised!

Dir. Joel Rock

Joel Rock wows us again with another experimental film. 'Moment' explores the vastness of time and space, visualizing every component that makes up a single moment. Check it out if you have a moment to spare!

The Nasty Ones
Dir. Elsa Froeslin

Froeslin brings romance and angst to the ATVAs with their film 'The Nasty Ones'. Featuring some great music and performances it is indeed an interesting watch.

Dir. Alan Thurston

Thurston takes us all the way to Russia for his extraordinary prison break film, so join your comrades on a thrilling journey to discover the mysterious Mercenary.

Dir. Michael Gardner

Claustrophobic?  Then look away because Gardner's film is set primarily in the one cage. That's right. We're caged in.

Dir. Iris Ionita 

Daniel opens up his soul for us in 'Daniel' a foreign language film that explores the very essence of the soul. It is one to marvel at for sure.

Dir. Cory Thomas

Cory Thomas makes his ATVA debut with 'Stereotypes', a film that turns those awful stereotypes that plague our life's on their heads. Filled with comedy and drama, it may even change the way you look at life!

Dir. Hannah Chandler

'Mark' is a true story about a student called 'Mark' played by an actor called 'Mark' and is a  tale of student workload and depression that I'm sure Marks everywhere can relate to. 

The Vivid Colouring of the Mind.
Dir. Marijyne Neuiwerf

We all have an inner monologue, right? Maybe just not as intense as this one...Neuiwerf's film is one to ponder on even after the credits have rolled!

Dir. Daniel Archibald

Want to escape your boring routine? Try Dormancy, but beware the risks! Archibald's film is disturbing yet ambitious for a student film, so take some time out and tune in!

Dir. Conor Kane

'Warlock' is an intriguing mystery film that's got everything from domestic drama to hospital horror, so sit back, relax and enjoy this special effects extravaganza! 

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