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This year's ATVA's took place on the 8th May 2024, hosted in the MacRobert's Art Centre! Check out the trailer below and continue down to see all of the films!

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The 2024 ATVAs

Ginger Nut
Dir. Nathan and Ben McQuaid

Winner of the best film award, the McQuaids cap off their Nut Trilogy with 'Ginger Nut', a twenty minute thriller featuring more AirTV faces than there are unwanted Snickers in a box of celebrations. So go on I suggest, not command, you have a watch!

Dir. Yehor Boichenko

Yehor took this years ATVAs by storm with their debut film 'Daydreaming', a beautiful and haunting film which tells a tale all too familiar to film students: imaginary friends and depression. Masterfully crafted, the film went on to win best cinematography, music and editing!

Dir. Kyle Bruce

The one we've all been dreading.  Directed by Kyle Bruce, 'Dread' explores the ugly side of idyllic Stirling. Featuring some disturbing images and ATVA winning sound, the film will leave you feeling...Dread! 

The Fishman
Dir. Dylan Antscherl

Antscherl blows the flood gates open with the FISHMAN, a daring, Shakespearian esque comedy drama that explores human connections that are as deep as the sea...Starring Jack Cunningham as stinky Vagrant

The Killing Shot
Dir. Rory Wood

'What is real?' - Rory Wood's the Killing Shot asks all the right questions...but does it have the answers? You'll just have to watch and see. Inspired by the films of Bill Douglas, this is an ATVA that will have you trapped.

Dir. Lea Ihrig and Freya Guice

Ihrig and Guice return to the ATVAs with 'Sink' a beautifully intimate film which swept the best actor award for Audrey Linton's leading performance. And lets face it, we all get that sinking feeling waiting on Crawford to reply.

How to Write a Film
Dir. Summer Holly

Can't think of your next ATVA? Well Summer has you sorted with their film 'How to Write a Film' which explores the trials and tribulations of writer's block, enjoy the movie!

The Calton Press
Dir. Tom Broekhuizen

Movember has come early. Tom Broekhuizen makes his ATVA debut with this witty and stylistic film that chronicles the rise and fall of Rupert Moore. Bursting with originality, this is one you don't wanna miss!

Late from Work
Dir. James Howard

'Late from Work' starring Emrys Allardyce and Owain Orr has everything from scientific experiments gone wrong, to a bit ah nature and twists and turns that will have you shouting 'WTF'!

Be Right Back
Dir. Zoey Thomas

Winner of the Audience Choice Award, 'Be Right Back' is the latest feature by Zoey Thomas, swinging big it features an all star cast of AirTV regulars old and new. It closed this years ATVAs out in style! Starring Henry Swindells as Captain Alloa 

Dir. Cairnie Glaister

Cairnie Glaister makes her ATVA debut with 'Doomscrolling' a short and sweet film that's maybe a little too relatable for the young folks of today. Featuring some fabulous editing, its one you don't wanna miss! 

Logan's Easy Internet Money Making Guide
Dir. Logan Killiard

In a world of financial turmoil and recession one man has the answers. Prepare to get rich in Killiard's wise and hilarious directorial debut: 'Logan's Easy Internet Money Making Guide'. Starring Dylan Antscherl as 'Fleck'.

Do(n't) Give Up On Us
Dir. Cleo Tench

Cleo makes their ATVA debut with 'Do(n't) Give Up On Us', a soulful and lifting film. Featuring brilliant performances from Oliver O'hare and Charlie Grant, this is one you do(n't) wanna miss!

Not a D&D Film
Dir. Lewis Brown

'Not a D&D Film'? I dunno mate, it sure looks like one to me. Starring a horse girl, enjoy the movie

Meat Cute
Dir. Rowan Walthall

Featuring the best fart joke of the night, 'Meat Cute' has it all, it'll make you laugh, creep you out, maybe even bring a tear to your eye. So give it a watch! 

Spaces Between Us
Dir. Phoebe Jenkin

Featuring some lovely cinematography, 'Spaces Between US' is an emotional rollercoaster that stars AirTV regulars Jo Shirley and Joseph Prowen. So buckle up, get your tissues and enjoy!

Cracked Up
Dir. Daniel Fury

Left the ATVA making too late? 'Cracked Up' has you covered in this funny meta film all about filmmaking and the people who make them

Path of Kings
Dir. Edwin Osei Amoah

Brothers at war, a Kingdom at stake, will Douglas and Iachlan be able to repair their relationship and unite? We hope so...Featuring our friends from the reenactment society, this is a film just waiting to whisk you away! 

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