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This years Oscars took place on the 13th of May 2013 at the MaCRobert's Arts Centre! Scroll down below to see these decade old shorts!

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The 2013 ATVAs

Withering Tree
Dir.Rory Gibb 

Full of espionage and mystery 'Withering Tree' features some beautiful cinematography and even has some animation. The tense sequences will leave you on the edge of your seat, so give it a watch!

 D + C
Dir. David Kotai

Kotai makes a name for himself as a experimentalist filmmaker with this trippy short film. Although if you suffer from epilepsy you may want to skip this one!

Crystal of Time
Dir. Me & You

Another one for fans of the avant-garde, 'Crystal of Time' does not have a listed director nor does it follow a traditionally narrative structure. Full to the brim of thoughtful imagery, it's sure to make you pause and think!

Come with me my Dear
Dir. Regina Mosch

Dripping with atmosphere, Mosch's film relies solely on imagery and music to tell this intriguing will they won't they story that's sure to keep you on your toes!

Dir. Mike Gardner

'Fortitude' explores the intensity of student life. Featuring a brilliant performance from Esme Rankin, Gardner's film is one that students everywhere can relate to.

Ghost Trickery
Dir. Erik Van Berlekom

Prepare to get your undead socks blown off with this mystery thriller. Berlekom brings ghost and gun shots to the ATVAs with this spook fest!

Dir. Rosie Smith

Romance is back at the ATVAs with this cinematic adaption of Robert. W. Service's short poem about the choice between two wives. So if you fancy a break from the suspense this is the film for you!

Dir. John Calder

We don't always get animated ATVAs but when we do they always deliver! Calder's film is no exception, featuring some great animation and design, it still stands the test of time even after a decade!

Dir. Stuart Mower

Feeling a little forgetful? Don't worry so are all the characters in this film. Filled with betrayal and trickery, Mower's film will keep you guessing right to the end

Dir. Martin Rowbottom

Stare in awe at this beautifully shot film that features some stunning Scottish landscapes. But Rowbottom's film isn't just scenery as it also takes a long look inwards into the souls of its characters. Definitely worth a watch!

Dir. Nisse Laiho-Murdoch

Two men, one bench and an Earth shattering twist.

Misfortunate Fools
Dir. Adam Sinclair

What could possibly go wrong in a film called 'Misfortunate Fools' ? You'll just have to watch and see.

 Ties That Bind
Dir. Unknown

'Ties That Bind' is such a mysterious film that we don't even know who directed it. But that doesn't stop it from being a vibrant and thoughtful film that took this years ATVAs by force!

The Only Word
Dir. Marianna Modenova

Inside of you are two wolves; one is organised whilst the other is a slob. Modenova's film puts these lifestyles to the test in this striking student film.

Dir. Malcolm Rumbles 

Rumbles returns to the ATVAs with 'DEADline' and yes its as terrifying as it sounds. 

Dead Weight
Dir. Josh Brogan

Shot and starring some of our older alumni, 'Dead Weight' features some amazing cinematography and witty dialogue making it a must watch for fans of films with the word dead in the title.

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