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This years ATVAs (otherwise known as Oscars back in those days) took place on the 12th of May at the McRoberts Art Centre! Check out the trailer and the films below!

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The 2014 ATVAs

Dir. Iris Ionita

Deep and informative are words that could describe 'Split'. Ionita's film looks inwards at her protagonist, visually showcasing the split in her personality with some fantastic facial makeup. So check it out if you fancy!  

Fun with Satan and Other Imaginary Friends
Dir. David Kotai

Ever wanted to watch 4 minutes worth of distorted sound and video? Well Kotai has you covered with his experimental short film. Just maybe avoid wearing headphones.

Dir. Regina Mosch 

Mosch returns to the ATVAs with another heartbreaking short film. Full of somber music and narration, you'll be sure to shed a tear at this one!

Kid Drunk: "Space Cadets"
Dir. Adam Sinclair

Rap music, water bombs, Boba Fett, cardboard, 'Kid Drunk: Space Cadets' has it all.  So sit back, relax and take in this wacky little short film, even if you don't understand it!

The Way It Was
Dir. Danny Robertson

Enter the wastelands of Stirling in this tense thriller, gun fire and all! Featuring some brilliant production design and performances, it definitely leaves its mark!

Doc Holiday and Number Two
Dir. Erik Van Berlekom

Still in the mood for more mountain trekking and gun fire? Then Berlekom has you covered with 'Doc Holiday and Number Two' an epic film that will put you in the mood for adventure!

Smiley Faces
Dir. Ehssan Mark Shamoradi

Smiley Faces...You know the name means it's gonna be sad.

The Vampire Mansion Mystery Massacre
Dir. Andrew Pope

What would the ATVAs be without some Vampires? Andrew Pope makes his  ATVA debut with this stylish and funny mystery film, that puts you the audience into the detective seat! (Also they did what literally everyone wishes they could do and filmed at Airthrey castle!)

 BattleQuest Legends
Dir. Stephen Ross 

Trail through the hills of Stirling once again in this epic fantasy adventure. So join Boren Crockenfield, the mighty prince of the little folk, on an unforgettable quest to save the realms!

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