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This years ATVAs (otherwise known as Oscars back in those days) took place on the 2nd of May at the McRoberts Art Centre! Check out the trailer and the amazing films below!

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The 2012 ATVAs

Stirling's Vices
Dir. Unknown

Clown Crime Capital of the world, also known as Stirling, finds itself at the centre of a terrible mystery that only a ragtag team of heroes can beat. Full of suspense and humour, 'Stirling's Vices' is one you don't wanna miss!

 Today Tomorrow
Dir. Jakab Greifenstein

Shot entirely through stop motion 'Today Tomorrow' is a charming film that explores the antics of a little wooden man who gets up to no good. So why not give it a watch if you haven't already?

Ode to a Beer
Dir. Malcolm Rumbles 

Ten years before man wanted a pint in 'The Pint', another man ordered one beer too many in this funny, poetic short film. Enjoy the movie.

 The Shot
Dir. Miroslaw Czubaszek

Ever wondered what its like to be an undercover cop? Well Czubaszek has you covered with their thrilling short film that will leave you feeling stunned

 Why the Merlion
Dir. Rory Gibb

Travel with Rory Gibb across the plains of Singapore in this exotic documentary film.

Dir. Rory Gibb

The Rory Gibb double feature continues with 'Felicity' a silent film that explores the dynamics of strangers. The film went on to win the ATVA for best director!

Amsterdam New Year
Dir. Alan Cairncross

On 1st January 2012 Amsterdam celebrated the new year. Cairncross was there to witness the scene. This is what he saw. Enjoy

The Morning After
Dir. David Devereux

Devereux invites you into a world of chaos, alcohol and foul play, so if you've ever thought your hangovers were bad, think again!

 Painting Faces
Dir. Sarah Grant 

'Painting Faces' does exactly what it says on the tin. Full to the brim with striking visuals, animation and paint, Grant's film is charming and definitely worth a watch!

Capti Anima
Dir. Theo Hardie

Why are people at Stirling University going missing? Hardie has all the answers in his mysterious short film 'Capti Anima', which features stunning cinematography and performances. 

Dir. Mary Volkova 

Not enough romance and heartbreak at this years ATVAs for you? Then 'Innocence' is the film for you!

Dir. Erik Van Berlekom

'Unhinged' is about the unhinged life of an unhinged man doing unhinged things. It's a bit disturbing, innit?

Dir. Stuart Mower 

Phycology, drugs and werewolves?  Mower's film has it all and is a must watch for horror fans!

At the Bar
Dir. John Wheatley

Two men at the bar, well anything could happen? Based on the short story by William McIlvanney, Wheatley's film is a delight from start to finish!

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