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This year's ATVA's took place on the 9th May 2023, hosted in the MacRobert's Art Centre! Check out the opening below and continue down to see all of the films!

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The 2023 ATVAs

The Ballad of the Indispensable
Walnut Man

Dir. Nathan and Ben McQuaid

Winner of best film to no ones surprise, the McQuaid brothers swept at the Atvas with their soon-to-be claymation classic. This film shows that film students can make movies just as well as the professionals. 

Bonum spectaculum, superbire debetis!

Door To Door
Dir. Calum Cownie

Winner of the audience choice award, this 'mormon' esque film is Calum Cownie's magnum opus and features an all star cast which is sure to leave you feeling entertained! So go on and give it a morsel of your time!

Any Body Home?
Dir. Iain Bayfield

Bayfield returns to the director's chair with 'Any Body Home?' an eerie, one take short film that will have you double checking your doors are locked at night. 

Dir. Phoebe Jenkin

Jenkin's makes her directorial debut with 'Bark' a fun mockumentary following the canine celebrity Scrabble as she seeks to clear her name from the slander of the filmmaking world.

Dir. Zoey Thomas

Changeling is the latest feature by Airtv's auteur Zoey Thomas and follows Charlotte as they navigate their new life at University. Full of surprises, Changeling is one you don't want to miss!

The Plant Man
Dir. Lea Ihrig and Freya Guice

Ihrig and Guice make their ATVA debut with 'The Plant Man' , a tense and emotional film that asks the age old question; would you still love him if he was a plant?

Violent Delights
Dir. Paul Cowie

Paul Cowie returns to the ATVAs with his short yet sweet film. Centred around the trials and tribulations of vending machines, the film is something people of all ages can relate to.  

Rock Hard
Dir. Maisie Pirrie

Last years ATVAS weren't horny enough for you? Maisie Pirrie thought so. Rock Hard explores the troubles of youth, romance and pebbles, leaving you absolutely drenched in smut.

The Search for
County Up

Dir. Joseph Glenn

A love letter to his ancestral home, Joseph Glenn takes us to his stomping grounds. Follow his search across the planes of Northern Ireland, as he makes friends, mistakes and sacrifices along the way.

The Lost Soul
Dir. Ellie Scoffield

A betrayal of lovers, a horrible accident, and the devil himself. The lost soul is a wild horror romance that will have you screaming out for more. Starring David Stainbank.

Milk Detective
Dir. James Howard

This detective will stop at nothing to solve the one mystery he just can't seem to crack, who took his milk. Once you find out who the culprit is, all you will be able to shout is 'how dairy'.

Tripped Up
Dir. Archie Lewis

Winner of best cinematography, (and for good reason!). Archie Lewis brings us a reality bending action film unlike any other. Get your popcorn, take your edibles, this is gonna be good.

It's Nerf or Nothing
Dir. Cameron Johnston

Slamming the 15 minute mark again, Cameron Johnston brings us Nerf or Nothing an action romance about one man and how far he's willing to go for his nerf gun.

Destroy the Old
Dir. Arya Hasan

Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese politician, political theorist, poet, and communist revolutionary who was the founder of the People's Republic of China, which he led as the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from the establishment of the PRC in 1949 until his death in 1976. Enjoy the film.

Love it or Leave it

A dating show unlike any other, because it only shows you the first half. While it may leaving you wanting more, you'll definitely push air out of your nose when watching this one. 

Dir. Julia Bell

AirTV newcomer Julia Bell brings us this delightful combination of stop motion animation and live action which teaches us all that not everything we throw away is rubbish. 

And Then There Were None: An AirTV Doc.
Dir. Kyle Bruce

Kyle Bruce takes us backstage to one of the most proflific performances ever to come out of the Stirling University Drama Society. You ever wanted to see how the crumble gets made? Well now you can daddio!

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