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This year's ATVA's took place on the 30th May 2022, hosted in the MacRobert's Art Centre! Check out the trailer below and continue down to see all of the films!

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The 2022 ATVAs

Murder at the Opall

Stan Stawowiak brings you a mystery like no other, follow Inspector Blanchard's investigation as he uncovers the Murder at the Opall.
Oh, and it won of Best FIlm

Spooky Stories of AirTV
Dir. Cameron Johnson

Johnson makes his directorial debut with a selection of spooky stories that are certainly going to leave you howling with fear and then laughter and then fear again. Enjoy.

Student Film Tutorial
Dir. Paul Cowie

Unsure of what to make for your next Atva? Paul Cowie has got you covered with Student Film Tutorial, a hilarious meta-commentary on student films and the people who make them.

Dir. Maddie Dowell

We've all known an Emily or two, sociopathic women who crave attention and never change their ways, this film goes out to all the Emily's out there - stay freaky.

The Hardrock Roundabout Appreciation Society
Dir. Calum Cownie

For fans of Ocean's Eleven and every heist movie you've ever seen, here comes an epic new team of con artists who are sure to steal your attention.

The Pint
Dir. Zoey Thomas

This is the kind of film you rewatch and rewatch and it's just as enjoyable as the first time. Follow one man one his quest to quench his thirst, beginning it all with the iconic line, "I want a pint".

Dir. David Stainbank

We've all murdered someone right? Or at least thought about it. But what if you actually went through with it. Stainbank wows us again with his instant classic, Deadwood

Murderous Squirrels? Check. Stop-Motion Animation? Check. Award-winning? Only in our dreams. The McQuaid Brothers make their directorial debut with Dead Nuts, a film every film student wishes they could make.

Dead Nuts
Dir. McQuaid Brothers

One Last Ride
Dir. Calum White

There is a reason this film is age restricted on youtube. We're talking drugs and nudity baby! All the way back in the 80s! Calum White brings you a film experience you'll never forget.

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