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This year's ATVA's took place on the 26th May 2021, hosted remotely via Microsoft Teams, a new viewing experience for all of our amazing submissions! Check out the trailer below and continue down to see all of the films!

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The 2021 ATVAs

Dir. Calum Cownie

Written, Directed and Edited by and Starring Calum Cownie himself, Procrastination tells a tale all too familiar to students. An entertaining watch with creatively funny moments throughout, the film went on to win the ATVA for Best Film.

Dir. Calum White

A love letter to the Star Wars series, Duel is a action short by Calum White that features a thrilling lightsaber duel in the depths of a isolated forest. With some beautiful camera work and VFX, the film went on to win the ATVA for Best Cinematography

Cereal Killer
Dir. Lauren McAngus

A deviously punny horror comedy, Cereal Killer is the latest short film by Lauren McAngus. Featuring witty dialogue and an all-star cast, the film went on to with the People's Choice Award at the ATVAs.

Cereal Killer Full Poster.jpg

Date Night 
Dir. David Stainbank

Date Night is the latest comedy short from the creative mind of Stainbank, following two individuals on an awkward first date. Funny from beginning to end, and maybe a little too relatable, be sure to watch this gem.

Get Home Safe
Dir. Iain Bayfield

A mysterious proof of concept short, Get Home Safe follows a woman walking alone at night… or is she? Check out this ultra short spook-fest if you’ve got a minute to spare!

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