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Here is the archive of the AirTV Award submissions from 2018. Featured at the top is the winner of Best Film, 15,000 by Crea Barton.

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The 2018 ATVAs

Dir. Crea Barton

Winner of the AirTV Award for Best Film at the 2018 ceremony, 15,000 is a short film about a student writing her dissertation and struggling with its identity. A film with a superbly different feel and real heart, it is a must-watch for students and film lovers. 

Dir. Martina Inchingolo

With a unique style of storytelling, Acceptance shares the story of a young man coming out to his closed minded family, showing the differences in acceptance of homosexuality between Scotland and Italy.

Dir. Annika Balonier

Dreamcatcher is an interesting short that plays with the idea of dreams and reality.

Lynn is tormented by dreams that become real and happen in the future. Can she protect her friend from a fate she saw in her dreams? 

Dir. Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Silence is a short thriller about a quiet cashier who likes to keep to himself, for better or for worse. 

With a looming feeling of unease from the very start, it takes an mysterious character and leads you through his story.

Dirs. Downs & Miller

Two lone soldiers fight to the death.

Who will come out victorious?

With fantastic fight choreography and a unique visual style, Anthem is a short packed with action and angst!

Dirs. Brice Ledingham and Andrew Fleming

Flem is a short 'film'.


Absurdist? Beautiful? Fire Extinguishers?



Being in a Band
Dir. Toni Benedetti-Martin

In this documentary short film, Toni, Pinky, Dave, Gary, and Graeme share what it's like being in their band, Darkness Divine.

With some interesting insight into the minds and lives of the band mates, Being in a Band is a fantastic short.

Dirs. Rowen Rennie and Marina Inchingolo

Ever been locked in a room with a bottle of vodka and unspoken tension? Well if you haven't, Trapped will show you what it's like. 

A funny premise with a humorous twist, Trapped is a great comedy short we can all understand in some way!

Dolly & Elaine 
Dir. Marijne Nieuwerf 

Dolly and Elaine are Partners in Law, the premise speaks for itself!

Oozing with charm and with the energy of 80s and 90s American sitcoms, Dolly & Elaine is a must female comedy double act with style. 

Distant Shores
Dir. Katherine Miller

Distant Shores is a calming experience, looking at how those we've lost envy the one's who still live.

With stunning composition conveying a nice story, this film feels like a day at the beach worth cherishing.

Dir. Fiona Burton 

This short is poetic, powerful, and moving. Fiona shares the story of cutting her hair in a way that captures attention and lets you into her world and experience her feelings.

Dir. James Lee

Alex wakes in a facility and he can't remember what has happened. Only one thing to do now: escape.

Interference is a mysterious sci-fi horror that gets you asking questions from the very start. 

Dir. Cory Thomas 

Servus is a dark thriller short about deranged psychopath Seth holding Callan hostage in his house.

With impressive performance and a creepy demeanor, this short is sure to leave you unsettled.

Trump II
Dirs. Cory Thomas & Jack Buchanan

In this follow-up to 2016's Trump, the saga of Ronald Trump continues. Trump's aide Collins returns to help him strengthen his image, by any means necessary.

A comedy short like no other, Trump II is sure to leave you stunned.

Big D
Dir. Danny Flynn

 A unique film that sets itself apart from its contemporaries, Big D follows the veteran AirTV auteur, Danny Flynn, on a campaign to market and sell his 'Greatest Hits' DVD.

With witty humour and a meta sense of style, be sure to check out this film.

Dir. Callum Downs

A lone wanderer makes his way home. She's been waiting.

This silent film is serene in its peace and vivid in its style. With lots of space to breathe, you'll surely be absorbed in this short.

Supper at Emu's
Dir. Ross Provan

In a dystopian post-war future, they conform or the government takes care of them. And there are emus.

With a deep lore all of its own, Supper at Emu's is an interesting short.

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