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Here is the archive of the AirTV Award submissions from 2017. 

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The 2017 ATVAs

Dir. Kieran Daly

"Will, an introvert that would prefer to watch society from behind a pair of binoculars, has been dragged to a party that he never wanted to go to. When his phone, a social crutch, hits 5% battery life he is forced to accept the help of Alice, a complete stranger to him."

A Cult Film
Dir. James Lee

"A lonely guy tries to make friends by joining a cult while a film crew documents his efforts."

Though the name sounds sinister, A Cult Film is a surprise that you may not expect. A great mockumentary!

A Spoonful of Beans
Dir. Marco Di Gioia

"In a little Scottish town in the middle of nowhere, Mr Harvey, a smug and despicable American chef, holds supremacy and dominance over all the restaurants in the area.

One day, a stranger dressed in a black leather jacket arrives with only a hat and an overnight bag.

She, who is a precise and rigorous chef, has only one thing in mind: to take revenge."

Die Hard Brexit
Dir. Sean Kane

"Brexit means Brexit."

Dir. Marijne Nieuwerf

"A visual essay on the body."

A  moving and nuanced short, Divided opens up the far too often taboo topic of our bodies.

Dir. Jack Buchanan

"Jason and Jennifer have a dog. They have a flat with a coffee machine and a clock. They have jobs and they have dates. They hug, they hold hands, they walk. Mark doesn’t have any of this. He has a squalid flat. he has a tap and a plate and empty bookshelves and a suit and that’s it. He has a hand but no one to hold."

Girl Fight Tonight
Dir. Katherine McKnight

"Molly is broke, unemployed, and has just destroyed her phone. Over the course of a night, she intends to get the money that she is rightfully owed by her old flatmate, Emma, but finds that it is harder than it seems."

Going Great
Dir. Eilidh Nurse

"Nancy is just a Dolly Parton loving girl with a crush. She’s messy, she’s always late, she’s trying to learn how to sleep without her Leonardo DiCaprio pillow, she’s trying her best to become a better person, and she’s trying to muster up the courage to talk to the girl at the bus stop."

Let's Go Crazy
Dir. Tone Benedetti

"On the same night she gets dumped, Michaela reunites with Abigail, a girl she when to school with. Something life-changing is about to happen though, when Michaela least expects it."

Lines and Fog
Dir. Victoria Pajadaite

"A visual experience of an endless loop of addiction."

Lines and Fog is an eye-opening experience that sheds light on the goings-on in the life of an addict. 

Dir. Jonathan Wilson

Drenched in mystery and shrouded in a deep wood lays the shrine to a deer. A short thriller with stunning visuals and a tense atmosphere, Mystagogue is a short you don't want to miss! 

O' Christmas Tree
Dir. Andrew Pope

"A lighthearted seasonal treat."

A funny short with stylish animation and a surprise ending, O' Christmas Tree is well worth your time!

Dir. Callum Downs

"After writing something they shouldn’t have, they went into hiding. And found themselves trapped in the place meant to protect them."


 A cold, chilling watch, Sanctuary is a stylish noir thriller with a bloody twist.

The Case of the Unreturned Letter
Dir. Danny Flynn

"Dick and Smothers are two terrible detectives, who are assigned one of Stirling’s worst ever cases. You might think that this ‘worst case’ might be something like homicide, arson or even burglary, but no, not for Dick and Smothers. They have to track down and return a letter… with no return address."

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