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This year's ATVAs took place on the 16th of May 2016 at the McRobert's Art Centre. Check out this year's trailer below and continue scrolling to see all the films! 

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The 2016 ATVAs

Bert the Cannon Joins the Army
Dir. Ross Provan

Ross Provan brings AirTV one of it's first ever animated films with his classic 'Bert the Cannon'. Join the titular Cannon on his quest to join the army in this spectacular odyssey which will have you laughing one minute before being ever so slightly disturbed the next.

Black Feathers
Dir. Crea Barton and Michael Mullen

One for the intellectuals among us, 'Black Feathers' is one of AirTV's only foreign language films...or is it? Get ready to watch, listen and read some subtitles in this thought provoking film.

Dir. Marina Nieuwerf

This thoughtful documentary piece takes a deep dive into the themes of identity and gender roles in society. Unlike any ATVA that came before or after it's worth a watch if you're interested in the perceptions of student life

Dir. Callum Downs

With little to no dialogue Calum Downs keeps his audience in a state of suspense as we watch his characters face off. With some stunning composition and framing 'Satisfaction' is a must watch!

Dir. Joel Rock and American Stephen

Joel Rock and American Stephen present an almost Avant Garde piece about a man daring to bake himself a delicious breakfast. But things aren't as they seem as a couple waffle bitterly between each other in the background to devastating consequences.

Time Vagabonds
Dir. Danny Flynn

Danny Flynn makes his ATVA debut with his timeless classic 'Time Vagabonds'. Follow Dr Smile and Big Al as they venture through time, escape the infamous Time Sherriff and most importantly - buy sausages at a discount price.

The Nexus Project
Dir. Alan Thurston

Thurston's Sci-fi thriller is sure to take your breath away. Featuring some brilliant special effects and an array of talented performers, this epic has proven to be unlike anything else on the AirTV channel!

Love Her
Dir. Hutton, Maloney and Floeslun

'Love Her' explores the ups and downs of romance, playing more like a tone poem than your typical student film. It's definitely worth checking out if you're in the mood for love!

Of Humans and Nature
Dir. Regina Mosch

Did someone say apocalyptic  mocumentary? Follow Natalia and Imogen as they travel across beautiful Scottish landscapes in hopes of finding a more habitable place to live.

Dir. Sean McLaughlin

Sean McLaughlin's 'Overlord' is one of AirTV's most impressive films. Featuring some stunning cinematography and production design, this World War Two epic is one for the history books that you won't want to miss!

 Water in the Blood
Dir. Alexandia Trimble

Violence and corruption run the streets of Stirling, but it's the police that are causing the trouble. Trimble puts his characters through trials of morality, asking us how far is too far for our police department?  

Dir. Hannah Chandler

Cold is a chilling film that stars Kirstie Fiona and Calum Moore. Featuring some striking visuals and cryptic sound, its a film that will haunt you well after the credits have rolled.

Dir. Iris Ionita

Blink and you'll miss it, there's a Panda in it somewhere  

The Trial
Dir. Conor Kane

Action packed and with stellar production design, 'The Trial' is a film that injects you with stamina and leaves you feeling inspired.

 Common Girls
Dir. Beth Johnston and Riina Ahokainen

'Common Girls' follows two grown up twin child actors who are suffering the hangover of fame. Directed by Johnston and Ahokainen, this unique film is funny, thoughtful and worth a watch! 

Dir. Cory Thomas and Jack Buchannon

A film for the ages, 'Trump' follows Ronald Trump on his conquest to become Scotland's First Minister and end English knife crime. Full of laughter, drama and music, 'Trump' is one of the most iconic ATVAs to have ever done it.

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